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Němec’s farm is a family farm established in 1990 by husband and wife Němec who has been continuing with the long farming tradition of the family. Contemporary cultivated area consists of 810 ha of agricultural land.

Vinořská 254, 250 73 Radonice, CIN: 279 02 668, VAT: CZ 279 02 668

Farm and its history

Němec’s family is an old farmer family with ancestry documented from the year 1621, when the oldest known ancestor Mikulas Němec was born. In 1654 he was cultivating 60 strikes of fields and bred 2 horses, 4 cows, 2 sows and one heifer. dumThe family is settled in the village of Radonice from the 70’s of the 19th century, the father of the contemporary owner of the farm, Miloslav Němec was farming after the communist putsch privately as one of the last farmers in the neighbourhood.

Contemporary owners of the farm Stanislav and Hana Němec, both agricultural engineers, have peg to the family tradition and have been farming since 1990. The area of the farm has increased from the original 27 hectares in 1990, over 40 hectares in the following year to 220 in 1992 up to the contemporary area of 850 hectares, which the farm has been cultivating since 2009. Tomáš Němec the son of the wife and husband Němec has been a co-owner since 2013.

In the year 1991 the cowshed with free housing and milk house in the original farmhouse in Radonice was reconstructed and until the year 2000 the concern was breeding approximately 60 pieces of cattle of the breed Montbeliarde. The efficiency got round 6 200 litres per dairy cow. Because of the limited space, location in the middle of the village and problems with hands the breed of cattle was definitely abolished in 2002.

Our ambition is to be one of the best farms in the Czech Republic. In 2006 we were appreciated by honour title ”The Farmer of the Central Bohemia County“ with the award of the minister for regional development.


The cultivated land is located in a very fertile sugar-beet growing region and thus the main stress is put on crop farming. In 2002 the program of intensification and specialization of crop farming has begun and so nowadays on 1/3 of the area is cultured winter wheat, on 1/3 brewer’s barley, on 1/3 technical crops- rape, sugar beet, poppy etc.. The classic ploughing technique is asserted with minimalization components. In the year 2009 the new Horsch machines were bought- Horsch 3MT, Horsch Sprinter 6M. The average yield is 8 tons in wheat, 7 tons in barley and 3,8 tons in rape.

The machinery provides full self-support, the service is used just marginally for protection of the crop or for the harvesting. The main parts of the machinery pool are tractors Fendt 933, New Holand T 7040, New Holland TM 190, New Holland TS 115 and John Deere 6610, combine Claas Lexion 480 and other machines as seeding machine, compactor, sprinkle etc.


The company is developing its own social program, for example most of the employee, live in company’s flats, the firm supports the theater in Počernice, cultural activities in Radonice etc. Own jockey club serves for leisure time of the youth from the neighbourhood. The diary is also the organizer of the Economic Lyceum and Business College SOVA in Neratovice.

Because of the shortage of space in the original farmhouse a brand new farm with storage halls, workshop and mainly with a new dairy was built in 1994 from scratch. Both companies are linked in the ownership and organization and form a functional economic unit with a highly diversified activities. There are around 30 regular employees employed in the firms and the turnover is around 100 mil. CZK per year. Another storage halls for grain were built in 2002, respectively 2010. These halls together with another building in the village Veleň serve as procurement and storage centre of brewer’s barley and wheat with a capacity over 14 000 tons.

A brand new stable and clubhouse with enough storage space for the own jockey club were built in 2012. In the same year the dairy’s building was enlarged as well- a new room for packaging and cooling boxes were built as well as new garages for ten delivery trucks.

The complex of the all buildings provides a sufficient facilities for the agriculture and the dairy. Since 2013, the company has been breeding the fish in the own pond.

Events and Visitors

The farm has been visited by a lot of excursions from whole the world and by many very important persons. For example:

  • The expresident of the Czech Republic Mr. Václav Klaus.
  • The EU ambassador Ramiro Cibrián.
  • The main negotiator for EU Mr. Pavel Telička.
  • The prezident of EU agriculture congress Mr. Ben Gill.
  • The minister of agricuture Mrs. Milena Vicenová.
  • The prime minister of the Czech Republic Mr.Mirek Topolánek.
  • The minister of agricuture Mr. Petr Gandalovič.

As well as representatives of the World Bank, foreign diplomats, journalists, farmers from all over the world and so on. In 10th April 2008, the official press conference of the Ministry of agriculture of the Czech Republic took place at the farm, with participation of the prime minister Mirek Topolánek, minister of agriculture Petr Gandalovič and his first assistant Ivo Hlaváč.

In May 2012 the farm hosted Farmers Celebration. The owner Stanislav Němec is the honorary president of The Association of Private Farming of the Czech Republic.

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